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“The choir had been approached by multiple filmmakers to make films about the choir, but they were always turned down. Bernhardt, however, convinced them otherwise and set out on a very difficult journey to make “Imba Means Sing.””


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“Globe-hopping doc is a remarkably warm, deeply human film.”


It’s a huge honor, blessing and encouragement that we’ve been recognized as a powerful film sharing a meaningful, compelling and important story.

  • Best Humanitarian Documentary, Global Film Awards, 2016
  • INDIEFest Award of Excellence for Women Filmmakers, 2015
  • Best Documentary Feature, IFA International Film Festival. 2015
  • Audience Award, Newtown Film Festival, 2015
  • My Hero Film Festival, Best Work-in-Progress Trailer, 2014
  • Featured work-in-progress at the Justice Film Festival, Big Sky Doc Shops, and the Nexus Global Youth Summit at the United Nations, 2014
  • Sundance Collective, Best Social Impact Film In-the-Making, 2013
  • Speranza Foundation, Female Filmmaker of the Year, 2013
  • Plywood People, Idea Contest Winner, 2012