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We are donating 100% of film profits to build a secondary school in Uganda for Angel, Moses, Nina and their friends!



5 Things You Can Do In The Next 5 Minutes


1. SHARE Imba Means Sing on social media and encourage your friends and family to watch the film as well, to discuss it with you, and take part in this call to action with #imbaimpact.


2. WRITE a letter to the children in the African Children’s Choir. You can see all twenty children from Choir 39 in the film credits sharing what they hope to be when they grow up. Send your letters to:

Imba Means Sing 2840 Peachtree Road #302 Atlanta GA 30305.


3. DONATE to the Choir, a similar organization you love, or a local music education non-profit. Instead of buying a cup of coffee, beer or candy bar – donate $5.

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4. FIND your local music education organization.


5. SEND a thank you note to someone who taught you music or your favorite educator.


Tell us what you did with #imbaimpact. If you share the action you took, some lucky donors will win free Imba and Choir merchandise! Email us at and we’ll enter you to win monthly drawings.




More Steps for Deeper Engagement


1. RAISE enough money to support a child in the Choir (details on ACC sponsorship is below), a similar organization you love, or a local music education non-profit. You can do this by having a lemonade stand, collecting donations instead of gifts for your birthday, implementing a uniform-free day at school, etc. Please tell us all about what you do and how much you raise so we can share your story! Email us at

2. HELP the Choir build an International Standard High School in Uganda by raising money for a classroom. Specific donation amounts outlined on the Donate page.

Donate Now


3. ORGANIZE a musical instrument drive to collect instruments people in your community are not using and give them to a local music education organization, school or youth choir. Send us photos to share!

4. SIGN-UP to mentor a younger student. Help your mentee with homework, songwriting, drumming, throwing a baseball etc.

5. INVITE your family and friends to a concert by a local children’s choir. Check out all of our amazing partners for more ideas here!



Our Partners


We are partnering with several key stakeholders in the education and music education networks and are confident that IMBA MEANS SING will reach at least a million people through our current lineup of partnerships. Each organization below is already committed to partnering on our Impact Campaign. After being inspired by our film, viewers will receive information on how to get involved with these, and more, already existing organizations doing amazing work locally and globally.






We are donating 100% of film profits to support the Choir’s work educating thousands of children across Africa!
We need funding for our school and campus tour, to create empowering curriculum for students screening the film, discussion guides for all groups who see Imba, and to host events around the world with our incredible impact partners to support education as a human right globally and music education locally. Webale means thanks!

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