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Angel hopes to be Uganda’s first female President. She’s sassy, competitive and a natural leader who thrives at being the center of attention. Angel always makes us laugh; however, she learned a very serious lesson on tour that we hope all future politicians always remember: it’s not okay to lie.


Moses is an inquisitive overachiever. We call him a little man because he holds himself with as much dignity as an African elder. Once Moses decided he wanted to be a pilot, he did not draw pictures or read books about anything other than planes. He’s accidently charming and more dynamic than words alone can fairly describe (you’ll have to watch the film to see)! Moses never ceases to amaze us.


Nina quietly blossoms right before your very own eyes.  Once she opened up, every word out of her mouth was eloquent and moving. Nina is deeply burdened by her home life but her love and grace for others inspired numerous Westerners she met on tour.