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An independent documentary feature film, IMBA MEANS SING proves the power of music and the empowering impact of an education.

IMBA MEANS SING is the story of one little boy who is a big star. As the celebrity drummer from the Grammy-nominated African Children’s Choir, Moses relies on his youthful resilience. Growing up in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, Moses and his family lack enough resources for him to even attend the first grade. Moses is only eight-years-old when the film begins – yet he knows all too well that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure his future and change the course of his family’s life. We follow Moses as he works for an education and spreads the magic of his African childhood.

The film is an intimate character portrait, stunningly shot and told through Moses’ perspective on his one shot journey from poverty towards his dream of becoming a pilot.

He is joined by two fellow Choir members – Angel and Nina – as audiences experience Uganda and the West through their inquisitive and joy-filled eyes. We share the heartbreak, homesickness and candid humor: Moses loses his drum solo, Nina yearns for her mom to get a job, and Angel pushes herself to become the first female President of Uganda. As we follow the children home, one thing is certain: life as they knew it will never be the same.

Our goal is to leverage IMBA MEANS SING through audience outreach and engagement to raise awareness and support for music education locally and equal access to education as a human right globally.



We are donating 100% of film profits to build a secondary school in Uganda for Angel, Moses, Nina and their friends!

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